macquarie university is made up of a council, professors and academic staff, graduates and students.

responsibilities and functions are bestowed upon specific groups under the macquarie university act 1989 and the macquarie university by-law 2005. this is to ensure the university can achieve its stated goals: to promote scholarship, research, free inquiry, the interaction of research and teaching, and academic excellence.

macquarie university council

the council takes primary responsibility for the control and management of the affairs of the university and is empowered to make by-laws and rules relating to how the university is managed.

members of the council include the university vice-chancellor, academic and non-academic staff, the vice president of the academic senate and a student representative. the council is chaired by the chancellor of the university.

academic senate

the senate is the primary academic influence of the university. it is an independent body that can make recommendations to the university council.

the senate has established a number of academic committees made up of academic and general staff as well as student representatives. these committees are entrusted with considering the detailed academic business of senate and bringing forward recommendations.

policy central

visit policy central to find details of the university's policy framework, instructions and templates for drafting policies and information on policies which are under review.

annual reports

you’re welcome to read our annual reports to see our achievements within the reporting year and plans for the year ahead.

right to information

macquarie university is subject to the government information (public access) act 2009. find out how to access information that relates to the university's structure and function, both on this website or by contacting relevant faculties or offices.

complaint management

the university aims to provide a high quality teaching research and learning environment which promotes respect, safety and embraces diversity.

we recognise that there will be occasions when problems, misunderstandings or complaints may arise which need to be managed in a fair, transparent and timely manner. find out more about how macquarie manages different types of complaints.


macquarie university values your right to protection of your personal information. read more about our privacy compliance framework to inform you as to how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal information.


find out about the elections currently running for macquarie university council, academic senate and faculty boards and the results of recent elections conducted here.


the day to day work involved in running macquarie university is undertaken by specialist administrative offices. these teams of professional staff organise, maintain and serve the university.

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