Deputy 副总理 (研究)

Deputy 副总理 (研究)

Deputy 副总理 (研究), Professor Sakkie Pretorius

The Deputy 副总理 (研究) is responsible for the development and strategic enhancement of the University's research, research training, and innovation profile as well as the creation, support and advancement of local, national and international research collaborations and partnerships.

The Deputy 副总理 (研究) is responsible for:

  • identifying, exploring and promoting research as an integral part of the University's culture
  • overseeing the development and implementation of:
    • strategies aimed at improving research quality, capacity and capability across the University
    • strategies aimed at maximising research funding streams and collaborations
    • strategies aimed at increasing Higher Degree 研究 enrolment and completions
    • policies and systems to promote and monitor the ethical conduct of research across the University
    • strategies relating to engagement, research and development, research innovation, research translation and commercialisation
  • building and managing relationships with internal and external research stakeholders
  • managing, coaching and setting the direction for senior management teams within the Deputy 副总理 (研究) portfolio.


  • Pro 副总理 (Higher Degree 研究 Training and 伙伴关系)
  • Pro 副总理 (研究 Innovation)
  • Pro 副总理 (研究 Integrity and Development)
  • Pro 副总理 (研究 Performance)
  • 研究服务

The Deputy 副总理 (研究) is Professor Sakkie Pretorius.

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