Collection storage principles

Collection storage principles

Underlying principles for collection storage in the Library:

  • locations are easily managed and communicated
  • the ASRS is managed and communicated as an integral/easily retrievable location
  • all physical items also available electronically are stored in the ASRS
  • large scale donations/purchases to be assessed for storage on a case-by-case basis

Underlying principles for the selection of items for the Open Access Collection in the Library are that these items:

  • reflect a teaching and research collection
  • are responsive to user behaviour / requirements
  • meets immediate needs
  • provides a ‘pathway’ through a discipline or are representative of discipline, where this is easily identifiable
  • are arranged using a minimum of separate runs of call numbers

A. Open Access Collection

The Open Access Collection will contain:

  1. All copies of the latest edition of monograph titles circulated in the last five years.
  2. New book titles for Open Access collections acquired in the last five years.
  3. Physical items that are in high demand by staff and students.
    1. Reserve titles
    2. Frequently used Reference material
    3. New serials display
    4. Brunner Collection (except digitised items)
  4. Physical collections that cannot easily be stored in the ASRS.
    1. Sheet maps
    2. Curriculum book, kit, poster, realia, etc. titles
    3. Oversized items
    4. Current 3 months loose newspapers
    5. Loose-leaf services requiring constant interfiling
    6. Multi-volume works with separate indexes
  5. Representative items from specific disciplines, such as
    1. Seminal works e.g. disciplinary classics
    2. One example of collected works for each major author
    3. Other items identified in consultation with academic staff

B. Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The Automated Storage and Retrieval System will contain:

  1. All serials, except those on the new serials display or exception titles
  2. Monograph titles not circulated in the past five years
  3. Earlier editions of titles in Open Access Collection
  4. All existing Stack and Offsite Store located items
  5. All items that require equipment to view or use
    1. Microfilm
    2. Microfiche
    3. Audiovisual (including Curriculum AV)
    4. Reel to reel tapes
  6. All items located in closed access collections
    1. Rare Books (Dedicated bins)
    2. Theses (Dedicated bins)
    3. Closed Access (Dedicated bins)
    4. Palaeontology (Dedicated bins)

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