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Paula Dawson: The Flying Colours Project


The Flying Colours Project by Paula Dawson began on 26th of March 2020 in response to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.The first 60 watercolour works in the series have each been painted with a particular individual or family in mind, imagining what colours would speak to them. The paintings vary in size from 46 x 61 cm and 36 x 51 cm to smaller works measuring 26 x 36 cm. Each painting with its personally chosen pallet has been sent by Australia Post or given in person at the recommended social distancing space. There is a performative element to the series as Paula makes a unique work in her studio each day since the onset of the pandemic.

The extraordinary hologram 缺席的朋友, created by Paula Dawson in 1989 was generously donated to Macquarie University by Paula in 2005. At that time 缺席的朋友 was the largest depth of field hologram in the world, it’s a super dazzling work that is one of a kind on an international scale. Tours on dedicated days and times will be organised for the latter part of this year.

The Flying Colours Project coincides with the 10 year anniversary of launching the landmark exhibition Virtual Encounters: Paula Dawson Holograms at Macquarie University Art Gallery in partnership with Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

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