spotlight on macquarie alumni

spotlight on macquarie alumni

an inspiring range of people

as a university of pioneering minds, we've always strived to be different. and we've come a long way since macquarie university was established in 1964.

our proud achievements over more than 50 years have contributed to the steady growth of our international reputation and research profile.

from a student population of fewer than 1000 on a sparsely constructed site, we now have more than 40,000 students – learning, questioning and thriving – on an evolving modern campus. and each year, after a series of jubilant graduations, more macquarie alumni are making their mark in every sphere of human endeavour.

macquarie's graduate population now comprises more than 206,000 people living and working in 140 countries. under the spotlight we discover an inspiring range of people who call macquarie their alma mater.

alumni awards

Macquarie University alumni awards

the macquarie university alumni awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of alumni and provide an opportunity to share these inspirational stories throughout the university community and to the wider public. see here for more information, award categories and nomination forms

outstanding alumni

alumni from Macquarie Universitymacquarie graduates go on to make valuable contributions to societies around world. we celebrate macquarie alumni across a diverse range of fields. people who have made an exemplary impact on their communities.

alumni in the news

Macquarie University campusnotable people from our graduate population are regularly reported and quoted in mainstream media, on issues ranging from commerce, trade and international affairs through to history, medicine and social justice.

alumni experiences

Macquarie University alumnicampus life has changed a great deal and macquarie continues to grow and draw from its rich history. our everyday heroes – alumni just like you – share with us their experiences while at the university, and their challenges and triumphs since graduating. if you have a story to share, please email us at

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