macquarie alumni events

macquarie alumni events

reconnect with your alma mater by joining us at an alumni event near you! whether it's a face-to-face or virtual event, re-live your macquarie days.

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(re)visioning education for the future - school of education trendsetter webinar with alumni panelists stephanie mcconnell, natasha copley and matt bower

the joy of discovering who we really are with alumnus dr hugh mackay ao

latest advances in artificial intelligence with alumnus richard kimber

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canada alumni network zoom check-in - wed 14 october (canada)

join canada network leader paul chang and your fellow alumni on wednesday 14 october 7pm eastern (toronto) / 4pm pacific (vancouver) / thursday 15 october 2020 at 10am (aedt sydney) for this online catchup via zoom.

to kick off the check-in, paul will be chatting with canadian alumni in an interview-style conversation to discover how they’re connected to macquarie and canada, where they are in life, their work, how they are dealing with the pandemic and what they are doing to cope.  interviewees will include alumna ashley kalagian blunt (author of how to be australian).

this will be a very casual, water-cooler chat with no preparation required. the purpose is for us to start to build this network, to find ways that we can get to know each other and to benefit from it.

you will be sent a zoom link on registering.

when: wednesday 14 october 7-8pm eastern (toronto) / 4-5pm pacific (vancouver) / thursday 15 october 2020, 10-11am aedt (sydney)
where: online via zoom

register here

2020 trendsetter panel webinar: (re) visioning education for the future - tues 20 october

join education experts, system and school leaders and industry representatives as they unpack modern education in world of uncertainty. 2020 has been a year of great turmoil and has required adaption across many sectors in society. we have witnessed various responses to these challenges and at the same time seen great opportunities and innovation arising from these shocks to established systems.  education is an area that has not been immune to these changes. we will discuss why there is a need to take stock and reflect on the key role thateducation plays in supporting children, parents, educators/teacher and industry to move forward in difficult times.

our panelists will include:

  • natasha copley - human resources director, dxc australia and new zealand
  • stephanie mcconnell – principal, lindfield learning village
  • andrew williamson – principal, carlingford west public school
  • dr luke touhill – director, mia mia child and family study centre,macquarie university
  • associate professor tiffany jones – school of education, macquarie university and
  • associate professors matt bower - mq school of education.

when: tuesday october 20, 5.30pm - 7pm (aest)
where: online via zoom
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university

register here

virtual beer with the boss - mon 26 october

our most popular alumni networking event is back again!

join us for the backpack to briefcase series – virtual beer with the boss and connect with  our fantastic line-up of ‘bosses’ – senior alumni with impressive job titles and even more  impressive career journeys – and tap into their life experience.

the concept for virtual beer with the boss is simple: grab a drink of your choice, relax and  speed network with a ‘boss’ in a group. gain insight about industry trends, ask questions you  might have or just listen to the discussion and learn. each session will be timed to 15 minutes,  and after, you will move onto the next ‘boss’.

our bosses for the evening are:

  • benjamin wong BAF/BComm (Actuarial) (2004) – Banking & Financial Services
  • curt shi ma (2003) - founding managing partner, follow [the] seed; partner, welinda and shi capital
  • greg reinhardt becon/llb (1998) – partner, norton rose fulbright
  • jason duarte BComm (2005) – Head of Public Sector & Institutional Banking ACT, Westpac
  • karen ganschow mba (1991) – head of data sciences, aware super
  • kathrina doran pcmgmt (2007), pdmgmt (2009), mba (2014), mmgt (2014) - founder and principal  consultant, 5d intelligence
  • lucie chami bcomm (mktg) (2008), mintbus/mintrel (2010), mba (2014) - chief procurement officer, vitex pharmaceuticals pty ltd
  • mike morgan PDMgmt (2003), MMgt (2003), MBA (2005) – Vice President &  Managing Director APAC, Insight
  • paul chang bsc (2006), pdmarketmgmt (2012), mmgt (2014), mba (2017) -  international coach for global executives and entrepreneurial leaders
  • dr shanny dyer bsc (1985), phd (1997) – chief executive officer arcs australia ltd

read more about our bosses and keep an eye out for additional bosses.

spaces are limited so please register by wednesday 21 october to secure your spot.

when: monday 26 october, 7pm - 8.30pm aedt (utc +11) other time zones
where: online via zoom
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university

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make better decisions using a strategic mindset - tues 27 october

COVID-19 has among others accelerated and increased the uncertainty & ambiguity of any organizations' context and makes the decision-making at any level much tougher.
are you approaching your own area of decision-making during this covid-19 challenge the right way? are you trained and experienced enough in making decisions in uncertain and ambiguous situations? do you know the most effective concepts and tools to deal with such situations?

in this webinar dr roger moser will cover how to turn questions into hypotheses to test them and the most suitable frameworks to draw on to smartly combine big data analytics and small data analytics into insights that can be actioned without bias.

Dr Roger Moser is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management in the Department of Management at Macquarie Business School, Adjunct Professor at the Indian Institute of Management in Udaipur, India, and Director of the Asia connect Center at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. He also acts as Chairman of SatSure Ltd., a satellite data analytics and intelligence provider for banks, insurers and governments in emerging markets. Dr. Moser is a thought leader in the emerging field of Decision Intelligence – a combination of managerial, behaviour and data sciences to improve the decision-making practices of senior leaders. Based on his expertise, he coaches MNCs and SMEs in how to improve their intelligence gathering and processing practices in dynamic business contexts including Asia & Digitization or now COVID-19.

when: tuesday october 27, 10am - 10.30am (aest)
where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie business school

philippines alumni network event - wed 28 october

join us at our lunchtime zoom catch up for our first philippines alumni network event on wednesday 28 october.

as you know, we recently launched the philippines alumni network to bring our alumni community
living and working in the philippines and many more living in australia and around the world who share a connection to the philippines together. we would love for you to join and get involved.

our guest speaker leah callon-butler, director, emfarsis, will be sharing her thoughts on "the future of work, one year later, one year to go?

leah presented at a macquarie graduate school of management event a year ago here in manila, sharing her perspective then on work as a philippines-based digital currencies consultant. a year on, and with us all mostly working from home and more dependent on technology, leah will get us started in an interactive discussion on new ways of relationship building and collaboration in the workplace.

following the discussion, we will break out into meeting rooms to provide networking opportunities with your fellow alumni across the philippines.

don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with fellow macquarie alumni and grow your professional network.

please submit any questions/comments/ideas as you register and share the registration details amongst your macquarie university alumni friends and colleagues.

when: wednesday 28 october 2020, 12pm - 1pm phst (utc +8); 3pm - 4pm aedt (utc +11)
where: online via zoom
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university

register here

innovation and tech trends with enrico tam - wed 28 october

join us for our latest leaders, innovators and disruptors event in partnership with enrico tam, tech guru and cofounder and co-ceo at posiwise and cloudolive, for a discussion about innovation and tech trends.

about the speaker:
after trying to become a professional tennis player, enrico somehow got entangled in a phd in engineering, an mba programme and a big consulting firm before being drawn into the startup world.  enrico is now a successful tech entrepreneur, consultant and advisor. he's passionate about building and delivering new projects, as well as helping other entrepreneurs succeed with innovation. he's successfully launched several businesses from scratch and grown them to 7 figures. that journey provided him with extensive business experience in management and sales, as well as the know-how on building scalable tech products.

when: wednesday october 28, 12pm - 1pm (aedt)
where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university incubator


mq incubator pitch final 2020 - thurs 5 november

the best way to get an understanding of what we do here at mq incubator is to step inside.

join us at the mq incubator 2020 pitch final where you will hear from our inspiring start​up finalists and the amazing success stories from the incubator.

2020 was a year of solid growth for several startups at the incubator, and we can't wait to share with you.

the event provides an opportunity for investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses and the larger macquarie park innovation district to learn more about our amazing startups and to hear from our panel of experts who will put them through their paces during Q&A.

startups are pitching for a chance to amplify their message and showcase their businesses to potential partners, investors, customers (+ the prize and bragging rights, of course).

​join the audience and vote to decide who will win the audience choice award for best pitch.

when: thursday november 5, 4.30pm - 6.30pm (aedt)
where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university incubator

virtual alumni forum - tues 24 november

in light of the rapid changes to the covid landscape in australia right now, we'd like to bring our alumni community together for an opportunity to share updates, insights and discuss our future plans for business education here at macquarie.

during the virtual session we'll hear from:

* professor s bruce dowton (vice-chancellor, macquarie university) on the current state of higher education in australia and how macquarie is responding along with his insights into what remote learning means for the future of the university sector;

* professor eric knight (executive dean, macquarie business school) on the challenges facing business schools and the vision that he and the leadership team have, in order to tackle the immediate challenges we face; and

* professor leonie tickle (associate dean, learning and teaching), on the future of teaching in the context of digitalisation/online learning as well as the need for new kinds of learning environments and tactics.

there will be plenty of time for discussion through a question and answer session for the last 20 minutes of the forum

when: tuesday november 24, 1pm (aedt)
where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university business school

south asia and south east asia leadership briefing - mon 30 november

we would love to see you at our 2020 south asia and south east asia alumni catch up on zoom on monday 30 november.

you will have the opportunity to hear from professor david wilkinson, deputy vice chancellor, engagement who will share a university update.

don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with fellow macquarie alumni across south asia and south east asia and grow your professional network.

when: monday november 30
india: 8am - 8.30am ist (utc +5.30)
indonesia - 9.30am - 10am wib (utc +7)
thailand/vietnam: 9.30am - 10am ict (utc +7)
malaysia: 10.30am - 11am myt (utc +8)
philippines: 10.30am - 11am phst (utc +8)
australia: 1.30pm - 2pm aedt (utc +11)

where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university


purpose-driven business as a force for good - wed 9 december

join prof debbie haski-leventhal to discuss purpose-driven business as a force for good.

what is the role of business in society and what can it do to help address the global issues we face? how do we find our individual and organisational purpose and how do we lead with impact? in this webinar, prof debbie haski-leventhal will discuss innovative and cutting edge concepts, frameworks and cases of business as a force for good to offer a new way of moving forward.

from social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to corporate social activism, we will examine what businesses can do to become agents of world benefit and change themselves and society for good.

about the speaker:

debbie haski-leventhal is a professor of management at macquarie business school and an expert on corporate social responsibility (csr), responsible management education (rme) and volunteerism. she is the author of strategic csr: tools and theories for responsible management (sage), the purpose-driven university (emerald) and employee engagement in corporate social responsibility (sage). she is a ted speaker and a public speaker on purpose, social responsibility and the future of higher education. she has published over 50 academic papers and her work was covered by the media, including the new york times.

when:  wednesday 9 december, 12 -1pm (aedt)
where: online, register here
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university incubator



Leaders, Innovators & Disrupters | In Conversation with Joshua Ross - Wed 24 february

join us as we sit down with alumnus joshua ross (baf/bcomm (acctg) 2011), co-founder of humanitix, to discuss technology & social impact and capitalism for good.

this will be an interactive event so please send us your questions for josh via your registration.

about josh and humanitix
josh won the macquarie 'rising star' alumni award for co-founding humanitix.

humanitix is a fast growing innovative education charity focused on providing education to disadvantaged youth in australia and abroad.

it believes that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and contribute back to their community no matter the circumstances they were born into.

humanitix funds its operation and education programs by operating the first ever not-for-profit events ticketing platform.

humanitix is now funded by atlassian and google with offices in sydney, auckland, and soon to launch into north america with an office in denver.

when: wednesday 24 february 2021, 12pm - 1pm aest
where: online via zoom
price: free. this event is proudly sponsored by macquarie university incubator

register here

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