what we offer

what we offer

partnering with macquarie gives your organisation access to australia's leading researchers and academic minds who can work with you on customised research initiatives to solve your organisations' needs.

partner with macquarie

the office of corporate engagement is the central contact point, connector and facilitator between corporate and industry partners and macquarie university.

the office of corporate engagement establishes and nurtures relationships between external partners and key university stakeholders to deliver tangible benefits for your business. start a conversation with us to explore how we can develop a tailored engagement program for you.

international relations

International Relationsthe office of international relations is the central point of contact, connector and facilitator between international institutions and macquarie university.

we develop institutional partnerships to support collaboration and exchange with leading international institutions, and manage existing and prospective relationships with universities across the world. talk to us about establishing a range of partnerships, including bilateral exchange agreements.

we also coordinate international delegations and visits. download this form (208kb) if you would like to visit macquarie university.

recruit the best talent

macquarie has some of the brightest and most career-ready students in australia and the asia-pacific region, thanks to unique initiatives such as our pace (professional and community engagement) program and global leadership program (glp), which give enthusiastic and talented students hands-on experience with corporate partners.

this ensures that they will bring practical skills, energy and a fresh perspective to your workplace, whether they are needed to complete a project or through working with other macquarie corporate partners in collaborative networks.

find out more about how our talented undergraduate and macquarie business school (mqbs) students can make a meaningful contribution to your business via internships or by filling short-term vacancies, or find out how you can partner with us through pace – and solve your recruitment needs now and in the future.

enhance your corporate profile

build your organisation's authority and reputation in your chosen field, both domestically and internationally, by leveraging macquarie's extensive reach and networks.

your business can participate in a range of macquarie events and programs that are attended by influential audiences across a range of industries.

participation can include getting involved in our pace (professional and community engagement) program that gives students practical experience on real projects in business settings, while giving your business exposure to the best and brightest new talent in your field.

other ways to get involved and build your profile include event sponsorships, providing speakers for guest lectures, philanthropic support for academic programs, and involvement at alumni events here and abroad.

collaborate with world-class researchers

partnering with macquarie gives your organisation access to macquarie’s pioneering researchers and academics, who will work with you on customised research initiatives to solve your business needs on either a collaborative or contract basis.

we can also offer customised, industry-relevant professional development and training programs to address the needs and issues of your organisation.

our dedicated team of research partnership managers can connect you to researchers with expertise in your industry and areas of interest, and help identify opportunities to collaborate and commercialise research activities and gain access to government-funded grant programs.

with our problem-solving expertise on tap, you will be able to consult academics across a range of disciplines, commission contract and consulting research services, and participate in macquarie graduate school of management (mgsm) projects to solve strategic business problems.

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