ways to give

ways to give

every year, generous donors help macquarie university establish new scholarships, strengthen its research programs and upgrade its facilities.

there are many ways to support us. how would you like to donate?

mailing address

mail the form to
office of advancement
level g, building 1
58 waterloo road
macquarie park, nsw 2113, australia

matching gifts through your employer

many companies offer employees a matching gift program that doubles the contribution to macquarie university.

when making a gift to macquarie university check to see if your employer has a corporate matching gift program. the process for submitting a matching gift claim differs from company to company. some require a completed paper form whilst others have an online system. if your company does provide a matching gift claim form, please complete it and send it to office of advancement, 4 research park drive, macquarie university nsw 2109.

you may also wish to find out if your organisation has a workplace giving program, and if it will match your regular gift to macquarie university. giving through your organisation's workplace giving program will mean donations you make will be deducted from your salary before tax is applied, thus reducing your tax. all donations of $2 or more are eligible pre-taxation components.

you will need to:

  • ask your employer to include macquarie university as part of their workplace giving program
  • find out from your payroll department if they will match your gift
  • request your payroll office to send your completed form to office of advancement, macquarie university, nsw, 2109. mqadvancement@mq.edu.au
  • your donation will be deducted from your pre-tax salary each pay period
  • your employer will provide documentation of your donations

international giving

if you are based overseas you may still be able to make your donation tax-efficiently.

supporters in hong kong have the option to make a gift to the macquarie university hong kong foundation ltd.

uk taxpayers can benefit from gift aid by giving to the macquarie university uk foundation.

if you are considering a substantial donation, arrangements can potentially also be made to give tax efficiently from other countries including the usa and canada.

to discuss your options please contact hedda paisley, director of development, on E: hedda.paisley@mq.edu.au or T: +61 2 9850 6132

get involved

one simple act of kindness can change the direction of a persons life, or even save it. below are some ways you can make a far-reaching impact when donating to macquarie university.

  • staff giving

    workplace giving is a simple way for staff at macquarie to change students' lives and help to find new research breakthroughs.

  • student giving

    join the macquarie university student philanthropy club!

  • community fundraising

    start your own fundraising event to support a project at macquarie university.

  • volunteering & Mentoring

    be a part of macquarie university’s alumni volunteer community.

  • crowdfunding

    the university’s latest innovations and ideas are displayed on our crowdfunding platform. support new ideas you want to see come to life.

  • lincoln legacy society

    the lincoln legacy society acknowledges the tremendous support of donors who have chosen to give to the university through their will.

  • leave a gift in your will

    you can play a part in nurturing future generations.

  • faqs

    find out all you need to know about your donation.

the office of advancement contact

macquarie university
t: 1800 673 662
e: mqadvancement@mq.edu.au

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