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macquarie law school has pioneered a contemporary approach to teaching law in its societal, economic and political contexts.

we emphasise hands-on skills training, intellectual rigour and strong values of justice and ethics, producing graduates who excel in legal practice and beyond. our graduates excel at critical and analytical thinking, possess excellent communication, research and professional skills, and are reflective and independent learners.

The Global Debate on AI & IP

12 nov 2020

dr daniela simone joins wipo global conversation on intellectual property and artificial intelligence

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prediction of future job market

29 oct 2020

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ai, health and human rights webinar

23 sep 2020 | macquarie university

Artificial Intelligence macquarie law school

macquarie law school hosted a successful webinar on ai, health and human rightson 23 september, the macquarie law school, in collaboration with the data society research stream at the faculty of arts ...

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ipdln virtual conference

01 nov 2020 - 13 nov 2020 | macquarie university

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disembarking to danger

04 nov 2020 | macquarie university

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