engagement for impact

the faculty of arts is committed to engagement with academic, industry and government partners to deepen our research and address local, national and global challenges. we also work collaboratively with our partners to ensure that our courses are relevant to the needs of industry and society.

arts precinct launch

the faculty of arts will be moving into a new arts precinct in mid-2020. the precinct has been purpose-built to bring together the faculty’s many strengths and to enable it to share its important work with its partners and the broader community.

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join us in 2020

a program of events has been developed to showcase the faculty’s research in arts, humanities, social sciences and law and its impact on our community and industry. it has been organised under three themes that reflect our research strengths and our commitment to service and engagement.

the program will include themed public and academic events and we invite you to join us at events relevant to you. come and talk to our world-leading experts about opportunities to work together to address problems and educate our future leaders.

this theme reflects the faculty’s commitment to positively shape our world. it encompasses research that critiques social, political, economic, religious and environmental change from ancient to contemporary times. it seeks to understand societies globally, nationally and locally and explores the place of people in society. the theme also considers the many ways that individuals and groups create change, from organised activities to spontaneous action and activism.

events relating to ‘social contribution and change’ will be published soon.

this theme looks at how innovation in technology has transformed society and the economy. it reflects on regulatory, governance and ethical issues associated with the emergence of data as the driving resource of the 21st century and explores the adequacy of existing laws and policies. the theme also explores how advances in technology have transformed research, teaching and creative production.

events relating to ‘technology, the future and being human’ will be published soon.

this theme explores wellbeing through the lens of ethics and mental and emotional health. it looks at the foundations of ethics, the law, governance and regulatory structures, and the impact of technological and environmental change. it asks how institutions can empower disenfranchised individuals and groups. the theme also asks questions about emotions: how have emotions been understood and enacted in past cultures and how has this shaped the present? how do they pervade social, legal and institutional practices? what role do they play in creative and aesthetic practice?

events relating to ‘the good life’ will be published soon.

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