fees and costs

fees and costs

fees and costs

domestic students

bachelor of philosophy/master of research

commonwealth supported places are available for domestic students enrolled in the bachelor of philosophy/master of research (bphil/mres) in their first year. commonwealth supported students are liable for a student contribution towards the units they study and may be eligible to apply for hecs-help. year 1 domestic students will be required to pay student activity fees. domestic students continuing into the second year are supported by the commonwealth through the research training program (rtp)and do not pay fees.

the bachelor of philosophy is an approved course for the purposes of student income support. students may be eligible for student income support payments such as youth allowance or austudy, provided all other qualifications are met. please check with centrelink directly for further information.

more information on calculating research training coursework fees. fees may be subject to changing government legislation.

more information on research training student contribution bands.

doctor of philosophy/master of philosophy

domestic candidates enrolled in either the doctor of philosophy (phd) or the master of philosophy (mphil) program are funded by the government under the research training program (rtp).

students are entitled to a maximum of three years' full-time equivalent study and a maximum of two years' full-time equivalent study if undertaking a research masters.

candidates with incomplete research degrees will have their prior candidature period deducted from their full rtp entitlement when they enrol.

student amenities fee

as you will be enrolled as undertaking an internal unit of study you will be required to pay a student amenities fee. please refer to the following link for further information. student amenities fee

if you are an australian citizen or permanent resident of australia (humanitarian visa holder), you may wish to lodge a student amenities help form. follow the steps outlined above for hecs-help but choose the sa-help option at step 3.

international students

the tuition fees for international students at macquarie university are set on a per credit point basis and are revised each year.  this means that there is a fee for each credit point in which you are enrolled. the university reviews the per credit point fees each year and may increase them in the following year.  students are subject to other fees, charges and conditions for each semester in which they enrol and are advised to check the current fees, charges and conditions with the university before enrolling at any time.

international students, apart from tuition-fee scholarship recipients, have to pay an acceptance fee prior to arrival and enrolment at macquarie. international students are expected to pay a commencement fee which is equivalent to one semester's fee upon their acceptance of the offer. the commencement fee is the tuition fee for the first semester paid upfront.  after the student is enrolled, they will have to pay fees at the beginning of each half year - in january and in july.

payment due dates can be found at the office of financial services. information about how to pay fees is available here.

all programs for international students are full fee-paying programs.  fees are subject to indexation each year as from 1 january.  the fees below apply 1 january 2020. students who do not pay their fees by the due date may run the risk of having their enrolment cancelled.

faculty of arts

  cricos approx annual cost
doctor of philosophy 001403f $36,400.00
master of philosophy056667e $36,400.00
master of research (year 1)* 087959c $33,200.00
master of research (year 2)*087959c$33,200.00
*total annual cost is based on 80 credit point for a full-time study load

macquarie business school

  cricos approx annual cost
doctor of philosophy 021502d $34,000.00
master of philosophy056664g$34,000.00
master of research (year 1)* 087960k $30,800.00
master of research (year 2)*087960k$30,800.00
*total annual cost is based on 80 credit point for a full-time study load

faculty of medicine and health sciences

  cricos approx annual cost
phd in health innovation085032m$46,800.00
phd in biomedical sciences085032m$46,800.00
phd in clinical medicine085032m$46,800.00
phd in health system and population085032m$46,800.00
phd in cognitive science064239c$46,800.00
phd in psychology064239c$46,800.00
phd in linguistics 070063e $41,600.00
mphil in health innovation085031a$46,800.00
mphil in biomedical sciences085031a$46,800.00
mphil in clinical medicine085031a$46,800.00
mphil in health system and population085031a$46,800.00
mphil in health professions085031a$46,800.00
mphil in cognitive science064241j$46,800.00
mphil in psychology064241j$46,800.00
mphil in linguistics070064d$41,600.00
master of research (year 1)*087964f $38,000.00
master of research (year 2)*087964f $42,800.00
master of public health (research specialisation)092682g$35,600.00
*total annual cost is based on 80 credit point for a full-time study load

faculty of science and engineering

 cricos approx annual cost
doctor of philosophy 001404e $46,800.00
master of philosophy 056670k $46,800.00
master of research (year 1)*087963g $38,000.00
master of research (year 2)*087963g $42,800.00
*total annual cost is based on 80 credit point for a full-time study load

students should be aware that fees may change from year to year and that the university reserves the right to vary, without notice any information relating to fees applicable to enrolment in any course or unit of study.

funding opportunities

master of research

the university offers a limited number of scholarships to international mres students through the competitive irtp (international research training program) scholarship round each year.

applicants for admission to phd, who are offered entry to mres year 2 and 3-year phd, and who rank competitively for irtp scholarship, may be offered a scholarship to cover their mres year 2 tuition fees and living stipend. phd scholarships for mres graduates progressing to a phd are awarded through a competitive ranking process. the 3-year phd scholarship covers the tuition fee and a living stipend at the rate of the research training program (rtp). for more information on scholarships for international mres and progressing candidates, please refer to the hdr scholarships website.

the university also provides co-funded scholarships to eligible international mres applicants from overseas universities with which macquarie university has partnered to offer co-funded mres scholarships. candidates are encouraged to apply for advertised scholarships.  further details are available on the hdr scholarships website.

doctor of philosophy/master of philosophy

scholarships for higher degree research (hdr) at macquarie university are available for specific projects or in the general scholarship main rounds.

for information on scholarships for international phd/mphil candidates, please refer to the hdr scholarships website.

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