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Spotlight on...Assoc Prof Shaokoon Cheng

School of Engineering, Faculty of 科学 和 Engineering
What's your area of research?

My research area is in Biomechanics. My current research aims to improve how inhaled drug delivery is tested. This is achieved by understanding how particles fluidise in human airways, how they interact with active cilia 和 what factors improve their dissolution.

What inspires you?

性质 inspires me! There are just too many hidden designs in nature that are smart 和 effective; that is why my design thinking always begins with biomimicry.

What is the research question you aspire to answer or the problem you aspire to solve?

Research that has the potential to be directly translated to improvements in the way things are measured and produced in industry never fails to attract me. This includes biological fluid flow, cilia beat frequency, surface imperfection in manufactured parts和 the permeability of construction material. 研究 in these areas is necessary to improve the medical, manufacturing and construction industry. My interest includes product design and functionality, given my deep passion for industrial design 和 product innovations.

How do you engage with the end-users of your research?

I am a typical engineer that needs to see things made和 this is important to maintain my sanity. Before joining academia, I worked in mechanical product design. This continues in my current research program, where the end-goal of all my projects is the development of products that can benefit a particular industry or general consumers. For example, by working closely with the major pharmaceutical research groups in Australia, we are developing a device that can significantly improve the testing and development of inhaled drug delivery systems at a fraction of the cost and time needed. I am also helping students to develop consumer products and in industrial engagement。该 James Dyson Award, for example, has taken 不ice of our work 和 have recently initiated an annual engagement with our students in the product development unit in Mechanical Engineering.

What's some advice you would give to an early career researcher (ECR)?

Looking back at my time as an ECR when I was too engrossed in laboratory research, there are some things I would do differently to help advance my career. My suggestions to current ECRs: i) it's never too early to think about fellowships and other funding, ii) aim to translate your research and focus on bringing value to others和 iii) take time to ponder 和 reflect where you are heading in your research.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

I get to do two things that I enjoy in life: innovating products and teaching. I also enjoy mentoring and it is always rewarding to see an HDR student grow as a scientist 和 demonstrate critical thinking in their work.


Past Success Stories

Spotlight on…Prof Martin Hoyle - 2020年7月

Prof Martin Hoyle, Centre for the Health Economy, Macquarie Business School
What’s your area of research?

I am a health economist at the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy (MUCHE), in the Business School.

We assess the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of medicines, vaccines, medical devices 和 diagnostic tests for the Australian government.

Some people believe that health economics is all about limiting spending. But it’s actually about ensuring that money is spent wisely on effective treatments. It’s about getting the most health benefit from a finite amount of money. That’s what I do every day.

I moved 来自 UK to Australia last year because there is some good work on health economics done in MUCHE, 和 in Australia in general和 for the lifestyle!

How will your research make the world a better place?


How do you engage with end-users of your research?

Back in the UK, I did work for many years for an organisation called NICE, that assesses the effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of high cost medicines. There, my colleagues and I would scrutinize the cases put forward by pharmaceutical companies for their medicines。该y have a great incentive to put forward very favourable cases for their products. Our job was to check the evidence for their claims. I used to enjoy discussing company cases at the NICE committee meetings. At the end of each meeting, the committee would decide whether the medicines would be funded by government. Here in Australia, there is a similar organization called the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) that assesses the effectiveness, safety和 cost-effectiveness of all new medicines and vaccines. My colleagues 和 I regularly travel to Canberra to attend meetings similar to those at NICE.

Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?


What do you find most rewarding about your job?


My colleagues and I at MUCHE regularly see how our research directly affects the decisions on whether medicines 和 vaccines get funded by the Australian government. So our work helps to ensure that Australians get access to effective medicines at affordable prices.


I find it very rewarding helping junior staff develop into independent researchers.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

When you learn something new, write it down. Keep Word documents on all areas of your research. Writing really helps consolidate your underst和ing.

If you were given a $200,000 research grant, what would you do with it?

我很想对政府的战略资金的效益和价值的研究向covid-19大流行和未来可能的大流行响应。这将有助于政府告知最适当的反应。许多用于评估药物的方法可用于这一目的。 $ 200,000个将是一个良好的开端...


Spotlight on…Dr Lisi Beyersmann - 2020年6月

Dr Lisi Beyersmann, ARC DECRA Fellow, Department of Cognitive Science, Faculty of Medicine, Health 和 Human 科学s
What’s your area of research?


Who inspires you?

My HDR students。该ir passion and enthusiasm makes me feel young 和 excited about the work we do.

How do you fund your research?


What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?


Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?

在过去的几年中,我已经建立了国际合作的大型网络横跨欧洲的许多同事。与这些同事,并与支持德国和法国研究理事会一个大型的欧洲研究基金(DFG和ANR),我们已经能够收集数据,从300多个德语,法语,意大利语和英语母语的儿童检查在各种不同的语言儿童阅读发展的差异。我们发现的是,正投影系统之间的差异对孩子如何处理书面文字产生巨大的影响。事实证明,在英语中,语言在其中一封信 - 声音对应比法语,德语和意大利语不太一致,孩子们更多地依赖于更大的拼字单位(如“联合国” +“包” +“ing”的在“拆包”)这个词,也许是为了补偿在信水平的不一致。这些研究结果发表在两个高度国际性杂志上(发展科学和阅读科学研究)。

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

Being an early career researcher is like running a marathon and requires a lot of endurance. I highly recommend you take breaks, go out, socialise 和 have a beer!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?


What do you find most challenging about your job?

The fact that hard-working, passionate, early career researchers have such a hard time “making it” 和 establish themselves in the world of research.


The 研究 Office of the former Faculty of Human 科学s. It was a team of outstanding people 和 I can不 thank them enough for the incredible support they provided throughout the various grant application stages!


Spotlight on…Prof Bronwyn Carlson - 2020年5

Prof Bronwyn Carlson, Head of Department of Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Arts
What’s your area of research?

我的研究领域可以被描述为土著数字社会学 - 我感兴趣的土著人民和我们的数字经济,特别是我们的文化,社会和政治约会使用社交媒体的约会。

Who inspires you?

I am always inspired by Indigenous women who work in higher education. I understand how difficult it is for many of us to do well in higher education. We often come from families who have 不 had those opportunities so navigating the system 和 what is expected is extra difficult for us. I am equally inspired by the young Indigenous Queer scholars I am fortunate enough to work with. I have learned so much 来自m.

How will your research make the world a better place?


What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?


What do you find most rewarding about your job?


What do you find most challenging about your job?



Spotlight on…Dr Emilie Ens - 2020年4月

Dr Emilie Ens, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of 科学 和 Engineering
What’s your area of research?

I conduct cross-cultural applied ecological research where I collaborate with Indigenous People to combine Indigenous and Western knowledge to better understand and manage our environment. My Indigenous colleagues, postgrad students and I are working on a range of 最佳ics including: tropical wetland health, impacts of invasive species, biodiversity decline, climate change, cultural burning and prehistoric rainforest tree dispersal by Indigenous people. All of our research includes Indigenous people, knowledge 和 ways of doing.

What inspires you?

I am inspired to conduct collaborative research with Indigenous people and to record Indigenous knowledge, as for too long they have been overlooked in environmental decision-making and research. Indigenous knowledge and culture is rich – it encodes millennia of interaction between Indigenous people and their environments. Western science has shown it can不 provide all the answers for sustainable environmental management. A wise and generous Elder I worked with for 10 years in south east Arnhem Land, Mrs Cherry Wulumirr Daniels OAM (now deceased), taught me a great deal about Indigenous culture, humanity and cross-cultural ways of caring for Country. I now work with her children and grandchildren to keep her words and passion about the environment and culture alive. A deeper understanding of linked bio-cultural values is key to human re-connection and management of the environments that sustain our lives 和 wellbeing.

How do you engage with end-users of your research?


How do you fund your research?

Through grants 来自 Australian 研究 Council, NGOs, government departments 和 philanthropy.

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?

远程土著社区我在想工作的长辈看到自己的年轻人上大学了。其结果是,在过去的几年里,我与东南阿纳姆地和walanga穆鲁社区麦格理单曾在wuyagiba分站,北方领土上建立澳大利亚第一单向灌木。我们在2018年wuyagiba试用预单预备课程基于捐款和在2019年,我们是幸运的,从教育的澳大利亚政府部门资金,以开发布什UNI收到$ 250万。在2019年,10名wuyagiba布什单向毕业生在悉尼做了研究,在麦格理UNI和另一组20名当地学生参加了预UNI当然,与5接受麦格理单在2020年wuyagiba布什单是创造一个途径高等教育远程居住的东南方阿纳姆地的土著人,并设置为未来几年扩大到提供更多的课程,并希望推动澳大利亚的这个非常偏远地区的经济发展和地方赋权。我感到荣幸和自豪的工作,在这个项目上鼓舞人心的长老和年轻人,它只是真棒。这将是伟大观看更多本土科学家,教育工作者,卫生工作者和领导来到这个节目了。

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

Think big, follow your heart 和 don’t be scared to do things differently.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Working in rugged and remote parts of Australia with First Australians who are so generous and resilient and passionate about their culture 和 Country.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Being away from family and friends for long periods of time and observing the impacts of colonisation on our First Nations communities 和 Country.


Spotlight on…Prof Michael Richardson - 2020年3月

Prof Michael Richardson, ARC Future Fellow, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, Health 和 Human 科学s
What’s your area of research?


What is the research question you aspire to answer or the problem you aspire to solve?


How do you fund your research?

Research grants 来自 Australian 研究 Council or the Australian Department of Defence.

Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?

Always…(Sigh). A unified theory of everything…(Sigh)。

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?


What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Mentoring and collaborating with Honours 和 HDR students.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Mentoring and collaborating with Honours 和 HDR students.


The (former) Faculty of Human 科学s 研究 Office.


Spotlight on...Prof Frances Rapport - February 2020

Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine 和 Health 科学s
Google Scholar
Macquarie University Profile
What’s your area of research?


Who inspires you?

Well it’s 不 the usual… celebrities or Nobel prize winners… no, it’s those people whose paths have crossed my own over the years 和 who have impressed me in the way they have managed to stay true to themselves.

What inspires you?

Improving my jab-cross.

What is the research question you aspire to answer or the problem you aspire to solve?

How to improve 患者s' healthcare experiences. That might be someone suffering from a disease, a mental illness or an emotional problem, but at the moment I am concentrating on people with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a wretched, debilitating illness that affects 1 in 25 Australians. It can take an average of 17 years for those at the more severe and complex end of the scale to obtain much-needed treatment and care. My research aims to ensure that there is a glimmer of hope for them 和 for their eventual seizure-freedom.

How will your research make the world a better place?


How do you engage with end-users of your research?

I ask them questions so they can ask themselves more searching ones.



How do you fund your research?

Grants, grants 和 more grants.

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?


What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?


What do you find most challenging about your job?

Having to chase the silver dollar.

If you were given a $200,000 research grant, what would you do with it?

我会成立和试点“macqual” - 一个愿景,我有卓越的威尼斯棋牌第一定性健康研究中心。 macqual将来自全国院系和研究所把人们团结在一起,提供了急需的,统一的声音,出色的,但孤立的,定性研究被整个校园进行。不仅会macqual提供奖学金和共同学习的机会,而且新的类别1个赠款。这将成为一个具有前瞻性的大学像麦格理的利益,增强其在全球的声誉,并支持它的新颖,联合工作实践精神。


Jeffrey Braithwaite, h和s down.

February 2020

Spotlight on...Dr Catherine Bishop - January 2020

Dr Catherine Bishop, ARC DECRA Fellow, Centre for Workforce Futures, Macquarie Business School
What’s your area of research?


Who inspires you?

贾辛达·阿德恩 - 不像许多当前首相她似乎把人民的福利企业福利之前。我需要保持记住这是我在我的研究中发现企业更多的女性/男性感到兴奋......是这其实是一件好事?

What inspires you?

Those moments that restore your faith in human nature – when you lose your wallet/passport/house keys and someone actually finds them, picks them up and finds a way to get them back to you. This restores my faith in human nature 和 so there is a point to doing research.

How do you engage with end-users of your research?

My favourite part of 有“不务正业”的是,它给了我时间去各地的地方团体和跟他们谈我的研究。具有档案花了几个小时挖信息,直接与广大市民分享,令人惊叹 - 特别是当它使他们看到过去(因此本)是不同的。 (没有像在你的书遇见一个伟大的孙女谁你说明你以前没有见过这个女人的家庭照片)

我的当前项目的一部分研究20thc澳大利亚企业家,我将与商界的网络群体参与。如何理解过去克服了障碍,商界女性,甚至只是知道在交易中所没有挑战“妇女的地方” - 女性一直工作,尽管经常名不见经传的 - 可以提供信心前进。

How do you fund your research?

在2018年11月我被授予decra。这是因为我的博士6年。在这6年里,我的工作一半时间在历史系的专业工作人员,做了一些教学和应用为每一个小的研究经费去。我取得了一些成功。我很幸运,有一定的资金支持,使这个工作对我来说,我有时间来发布。对于大多数人来说,在后攻读博士学位的世界,是休闲,少缴合同教学,没有时间去思考或发布无尽的折磨。不幸的是,这意味着有未在学术界听到的声音 - 那些不具备的能买得起研究奢侈品谁。

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?

We held a workshop in the UK for the contributors to our edited collection (see below)和 included some PhD students and other local scholars. We had no funding except for catering so everyone had to find their own funds to attend. And they did! Much to our surprise, we had 20 people in the room and the remaining 5 contributors skyped in. Everyone was assigned 3 chapters to read…and they did! We had the most productive 和 exhilarating two days. Not only did we all learn so much from each other, but our book is now more cohesive, we have created global network of scholars in the area.

Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?

I am currently co-editing a collection of 18 chapters, Female Entrepreneurs in the Long Nineteenth Century: A Global Perspective (帕尔格雷夫2020),与诺森比亚大学博士珍阿斯顿。这是有史以来第一次预定讨论企业家超越跨大西洋框架,包括对亚洲章节,​​非洲,大洋洲和南美洲。在我们从事经济,并提供一系列的创新的方法途径女性的理解了新的突破,并接近历史。

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

Make it work for you. Don’t become a slave to the next rung on some imaginary ladder. You have to 你做什么,但也有一个B计划。给自己数年的最后期限的博士学位后,你决定要找到另一个路径之前。很容易在思维体验沉浸式,一个学术生涯是具有唯一的价值,而事实并非如此。记住太多的最难的事情之一是, getting a grant or job is 不 failing – it is sometimes bad luck – there are just too many good 和 deserving people out there competing for the same thing.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
  • 激动人心的时刻中,当你找到的东西,顿时使得整个拼图凌乱有意义存档。这是肯定的。
  • Interesting conversations. Learning something new from a conference paper or article or just a conversation with a colleague – something that makes you rethink your research. This is connecting.
  • Giving feedback on a student’s article or chapter and then when you read the revision, they have 不 only taken feedback on board but have gone further 和 found their own voice. This is impact.
  • 神话般的时刻印在新书的时候,你会得到提前副本。这是纯粹的自我放纵。
What do you find most challenging about your job?


If you were given a $200,000 research grant, what would you do with it?

人文研究最初并不成本高达科学或医学研究 - 的主要成本是前往档案,并支付自己的研究时间。但你总是对如何花钱的梦想。我有两个。

这常常被遗忘的人文研究的一个重要方面是协作。出席大会并在休息会议及研讨会上提出,其谈话的那些断断续续喝咖啡或午餐,让与他人在外地打工的连接 - 所有这些都提高了我的研究及其在过去几年中的影响。使资金没有着落的学者在研讨会集中连接会花一些钱的一种方式。

第二涉及对数据的数字呈现和操作。在我的研究,我收集了很多关于个人认为我不能在我的出版物包括传记资料。创建该信息的网站 - 企业家的传记辞典 - 是一个选项,以及,甚至更好,它与现有的资源,即链接 Australian Women’s Archives Project。这将允许其他用户访问我的研究成果,而不必另起炉灶。同样,数字制图项目,映射在悉尼或其他地方不同时期的企业的位置,将提高我们的城市和企业发展方式的历史分析。

January 2020

Spotlight on...Dr Morten Thaysen-Andersen - December 2019

Dr Morten Thaysen-Andersen, Senior 研究 Fellow, Department of Molecular Sciences, Faculty of 科学 和 Engineering
What’s your area of research?

Glycoimmunology, the study of complex carbohydrates (sugars) in the human immune system. My research interest is to understand how sugars are involved in immune-related diseases 和 conditions including inflammation, bacterial infection, sepsis和 cancer.

Who inspires you?


What inspires you?


How will your research make the world a better place?


What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?


What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

找到你所热爱的,找一个导师谁在乎你的研究领域,并置身于热情的人谁分享你的价值。保持开放的态度,继续问问题。记住你的“为什么”,并 患者; good science takes time.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?


December 2019

Spotlight on...Dr Karin Sowada - November 2019

Dr Karin Sowada, ARC Future Fellow, Department of Ancient History, Faculty of Arts
What’s your area of research?


Who inspires you?

George Lucas, creator of Star Wars.

What inspires you?

The Australian bush. It's my creative 'thinking space'和 a place of mental rest。该 ideas in my Future Fellowship were mapped during a road trip while staring at the l和scape of outback NSW.

How do you inspire or encourage women into your discipline?

I encourage women by including them in my work as collaborators, mentoring women into opportunities和 actively listening to their needs. As a mother, I know that work-life balance is tricky and I relish opportunities to help others navigate their careers 和 family responsibilities.

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?

Our research team recently had a major paper accepted for 黎凡特是一家领先的国际考古学杂志。本文从吉萨大数据集进口陶器出版科学分析,揭示首次通过谁建造金字塔法老王室进行交易探险的目的地。我特别高兴的是,纸是由一个全女性的研究团队制作。

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

I am a story-teller at heart. Archaeology is part anthropology, part story-telling, part science. I 爱 making discoveries, creating new knowledge和 sharing it with people, especially in the public realm.

View a Channel 7 新闻 interview with Dr Karin Sowada

November 2019

Spotlight on…Assoc Prof Melissa Norberg - October 2019

Assoc Prof Melissa Norberg,该中心精神健康中心副主任,心理学系,人文科学系
What’s your area of research?


How will your research make the world a better place?

我希望我的囤积症的研究,不仅有利于那些谁遇到了障碍,而且也更广泛的人群。澳大利亚人每年花费超过$ 10.5十亿他们很少或从未使用商品。许多这些财产最终在堆填区满溢。为了爱护我们的环境,我们需要学习如何停止获取针对他们的心理性质的财产。

How do you engage with end-users of your research?

I try to reach end-users through a variety of means. I’ve participated in various media interviews, given public lectures, written articles for The Conversation,并提供了研讨会和讲座,以提供给个人经历心理健康问题援助的组织。

How do you inspire or encourage minorities or under-represented groups into your discipline?




October 2019

Spotlight on...Dr Mauricio Marrone - September 2019

Dr Mauricio Marrone, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting 和 Corporate 治理, Macquarie Business School
What’s your area of research?

I research how text mining 和 machine learning can help researchers identify research gaps, when doing literature reviews, for instance和 explore potential collaborations with other researchers.

How will your research make the world a better place?


Who inspires you?

I 爱 how he talks about research:
“完全熟悉 - 不,好,沉迷 - 该系统。爱的细节,所有的人的感觉,为自己着想。设计实验,这样不管是什么结果,问题的答案将被说服“。

What inspires you?


What is the problem you aspire to solve?

I have a couple of problems I wish to solve including:

  1. 谁我应该为什么合作?这个问题很感兴趣,因为生产的合作往往是偶然事件,且很难获得。通过这个工具,我正在开发,我试图帮助连接的研究领域和研究人员,如果他们一起工作是有可能解决复杂的问题。
  2. 什么是可视化的研究,不同链及其进展的最佳方式是什么?这里是研究领域的融合和协作的潜力?鉴于在过去已经做了研究,我们可以建议可以伪造,或者两个领域或主题的联动解决特定问题的新的研究路径。

September 2019

Spotlight on…Assoc Prof Michelle Power - 2019年8月

Assoc Prof Michelle Power, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of 科学 和 Engineering
What’s your area of research?

People are most aware of pollutants such as plastics, chemicals and smog. But what about our hidden pollutants, our microbes? We share our homes, cities and food with wildlife and we also share our microbes which presents risks of spreading our diseases to wildlife. We are investigating the spread of human micro-parasites and antimicrobial resistant bacteria to wildlife (seals, penguins, bats, possums and others) and working with the environmental 和 wildlife sectors to find ways to mitigate risks of this pollution to wildlife health.

Who inspires you?

Captain Catherine Janeway…she’s wise, cool, calm 和 inquisitive和 a scientist before a captain.

How will your research make the world a better place?

Antimicrobial resistance is a vast and complex problem due to the connection and mobility of resistant bacteria and resistance genes between humans, wildlife, domesticated animals and the environment. I am hoping that as we chip away at understanding some of the pinch points in the environment and continue to work with citizens to empower change in antimicrobial use and actions to counteract disease transmission, that we can prolong some of the current medications that are used today, both in human 和 veterinary medicine.

How do you engage with end-users of your research?

One of my most rewarding end-user engagement activities is through citizen science, specifically the Scoop a Poop project where citizens can collect a possum scat 来自ir yards for antimicrobial resistance in wildlife surveillance. When it comes to antimicrobial resistance, the important end-users are those that take antibiotics。该 Scoop a Poop project has components that engage and empower people in understanding how their actions can contribute to reducing the impacts of resistance 和 help minimise this global health crisis.

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?


Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?


What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?

I would advise a research-only ECR to acquire some teaching, service and outreach experience which will enhance track record and competitiveness. Those who are successful in gaining academic positions will transition from research roles to the three tiers of university business – research, learning & teaching 和 service – some experience will benefit this transition.

What do you find most challenging about your job?


If you were given a $200,000 research grant, what would you do with it?

$200,000? With no prior budget lines? Right now? I would do four things:

  1. 提供的博士研究生谁将于今年与安全年底在明知有2020年和动量为她梦幻般的飞狐研究了一下工资的提交;
  2. 带来一些我们的农村和偏远舀粪便公民科学家对项目的“一天体验大学;
  3. replace a vital instrument that my research program relies on; 和
  4. 使用其余部分作为杠杆的竞争性赠款,其共同资助正在成为授予成功更重要,并共同筹资开辟了不同方案的途径。


Spotlight on...Assoc Prof Adam Dunn - 2019年7月

Assoc Prof Adam Dunn, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine 和 Health 科学s
What’s your area of research?


What inspires you?


What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?

我一直在与佛罗伦萨的资产阶级哈佛医学院周边的七年,我们最近申请了我们的第一个大型美国为基础的拨款在一起。它于今年早些时候颁发,我们将接收四个年的资助,以开发新的方法,使使用结果数据从 系统评价和药物警戒。我的希望是,我们创造的新方法作为补助金的一部分将用于识别批准的药物安全问题的速度远远高于已经可能在过去救人。

Are you currently working on a grant or high-impact paper? What’s it about?


What’s one piece of advice you would give to an early career researcher?


What do you find most rewarding about your job?



Spotlight on...Dr Leigh Boucher - 2019年6月

Dr Leigh Boucher,高级讲师,现代历史,政治和国际关系系,艺术学院
What’s your area of research?

我是一个文化历史学家,我调查这意味着塑造了我们的日常生活和政治的类别和想法如何初具规模随着时间的推移。此刻我参与与MQ和弗林德斯大学的同事们的合作项目。本项目研究如何对性和性别观念重新塑造我们的政治生活在过去的五十年。上世纪70年代标志的时期,其中“个人成了政治”活动家主张的谁是由社会性别和性观念被压迫人民的解放,但今后五十年对性和性别少数今天继续的权利发生巨大竞赛。这个项目的痕迹行动的各地家庭生活,同性婚姻,跨权利,性别教育,父亲的权利问题的知名度和更多的如何有政治是如何重塑在澳大利亚进行。而不是这个思维的压制解放和接受进步的故事,但我们认为这些活动挑战了我们的政治生活规则的方式,仍然感到惊讶和不安。看到: //

What inspires you?


What is the research question you aspire to answer or the problem you aspire to solve?

I think that all the researchers on this project have been frustrated by the naïve and simplified stories of progress or decline that we witness when questions of gender and sexuality emerge in our public life. This story orients our responses to issues like gay marriage, trans-recognition, or father’s rights in blunt and simplifying ways. Indeed, it also obscures just how quickly these transformations have occurred – it is little wonder they provoke such heated responses, fifty years is a short time to remake the rules about who can speak and what political identities are legitimate. Our political leaders and commentators need a much better sense of how gender and sexuality have remade the rules for inclusion, thinking critically about this history rather than telling a blunt story of progress achieved or denied can help us to navigate this complex and contested l和scape.

What’s a recent success that you’re proud of?

I recently attended a graduation where four students I had supervised along with other colleagues were awarded their PhDs along with two MRes students. It was pretty incredible to watch them achieve this milestone and think I had some small part in shepherding them through this process。该ir research was incredible 和 I’m pretty sure a few of them are going to be my boss one day. One of the most satisfying things as an academic is to think about the way our work with HDR students creates a cohort of emerging academics.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?



The Ian Potter Foundation awards $200,000 to the Department of Biomedical 科学s - October 2018

The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations. The Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors including the arts, environment, science, medical research, education and community wellbeing。该 Ian Potter Foundation aims to support and promote a healthy, vibrant 和 fair community for the benefit of all Australians.

Prof Helen Rizos, with contributing efforts of Assoc Prof Julie Atkin, Dr Elena ShklovskayaMr Alistair Brooks,从伊恩·波特基金会颁发$ 200,000用于购买流量分类器的贡献。


作为我们的医学和健康科学学院的一部分,生物医学科学部门正在开展癌症以及在运动神经元病领先的研究,以及流动分拣机将有助于加快这些努力。例如,该部门的精密癌症治疗(PCT)的研究团队正在集中在改善患者的生存期晚期黑色素瘤。 PCT是黑色素瘤研究所澳大利亚,它管理最大的生物样本库黑色素瘤在世界中的一员,他们的研究探讨了预测患者反应的生物标记物,为更好的治疗提供治疗组合的理性选择。这种多学科,转化研究依赖于检查独特,纵向患者样本,以及流动分拣机将启用这些组织样本中癌细胞的亚群的准备探索。



October 2018

Macquarie University success in the NHMRC和 beyondblue的 Targeted Call for 研究 - 2018年8月

On 19 2017年4月 the NHMRC announced a 有针对性的呼吁研究老年澳大利亚人抑郁,焦虑和自杀(65岁以上)。该 Targeted 研究 Call will be co-funding with beyondblue的。电话会上着重探讨了如何防止老年澳大利亚人抑郁,焦虑,自杀和改善这些条件,通过新的和现有的干预和关怀模式的检测和有效的管理。换句话说,如何能率和抑郁,焦虑和居住在社区和/或在住宅老年护理服务,老年澳大利亚人自杀的影响被降低?

NHMRC和 beyondblue的 总共拨款500万$通过这种有针对性的研究呼叫支持少量研究项目。该项目将开始在此期间2018至2022年。 NHMRC和 beyondblue的 funded seven grants (out of 39 applications), announced by The Hon. Greg Hunt on Friday 27 2018年7月.

The Centre of Emotional Health in the Faculty of Human 科学s were successful with two applications in the Targeted Call for 研究 into depression, anxiety 和 suicide among elderly Australian. Macquarie University’s total funding awarded from this scheme is $1,803,540.80.

The projects will be led by A/Professor Viviana Wuthrich Distinguished Professor Ron Rapee. Chief investigators on each of the teams include Macquarie University researchers, Dr Henry CutlerProfessor Andrew GeorgiouDr Carly Johnco 和 Professor Mike Jones.


Details of the success grants are below:

APP1151138 (led by A/Professor Viviana Wuthrich) - $1,022,888.60

APP1151186 (led by Distinguished Professor Ron Rapee) - $780,652.20
Improving Mental Health and Social Participation Outcomes in Older Adults with Depression 和 Anxiety


Helping families using genetic sequencing - 2018年6月

Professor Deborah Schofield, Director of the Centre for Economic 碰撞s of Genomic Medicine (GenIMPACT) 和 a 临床医生和科学家和临床医生的多学科团队已经配对与伙伴组织Illumina公司,neurogentics服务,皇家北岸医院,悉尼儿童医院网络(SCHN),临床遗传学服务,兰德威克,,新南威尔士州卫生病理的遗传学实验室(兰德威克)和遗传澳大利亚联盟(GA)来解决遗传病诊断的复杂性和毁灭性的问题。

患者受遗传病(GD)的家庭面临着一生中的社会和经济影响,其中包括:资金压力,关系压力,照顾者的身体较差,精神健康,以及恐惧和不确定性复发未来的孩子。 GDS估计占婴儿死亡的10%,儿科住院的20%,和医院的住院费的10%。


Addressing the problem

There is currently a significant gap between the promise of genomic medicine 和 the economic evidence needed to make it accessible to all families who need it”, says Professor Schofield. “This proposal will fill this gap and provide evidence to be help health departments develop policies and new services for GD 患者s and their families to access this new technology 和 obtain a genetic diagnosis to improve their health outcomes with precision medicine.”

她补充说, “与基因组检测的价格越来越实惠,越来越多的家庭可以很快就能获得准确的基因诊断,从而有针对性的管理和无效的治疗,其中一些可能有严重的不良后果回避。此外,基因诊断提供信息,以协助计划生育。与GD复发的风险较低的家庭,它可以恢复生殖信心。其中,风险高,这有利于获得测试提供进入IVF和胚胎植入前基因诊断(PGD),以确保未来的孩子的健康。”


From research to impact

资助下,澳大利亚政府NHMRC合作伙伴资助计划,研究小组将与伙伴组织密切合作 评估健康和经济利益通过转移基因测试技术进入临床服务迅速转化成果转化与GDS和他们的家庭的专利的实际收益,使患者能进入全基因组测序(WGS),获得遗传学诊断和改善他们的健康状况。




Cancer cage fight - 可能2018


One of the most promising avenues for cancer treatment is to treat tumours and other cancers at their source, using targeted drug delivery. Until recently, however, finding the right vehicle to deliver a therapeutic cargo when 和 where it is needed most has proven elusive.

Now Dr Andrew Care, a research fellow in the Department of Molecular 科学s, is researching whether biological nanoparticles may hold the answer.


“Protein cages naturally occur in microorganisms like archaea 和 bacteria和 one of the cages that we are using come from a bacterium found in hydrothermal vents off the Italian coast,” explains Dr Care.


他最近获得从癌症研究所新南威尔士州(cinsw)的研究项目提供资金2018年早期的职业生涯奖学金,而博士生毫秒妮丝·迪亚兹,谁是三个博士生的研究团队之一,被授予一项研究奖学金价值$ 10,000的平移癌症研究中心,悉尼至关重要。

Flicking a switch

More than 900 protein cage-expressing microorganisms have been identified, with some producing larger cages that are capable of carrying more drugs or others with larger holes in their structure, potentially allowing different approaches to releasing therapeutics.

“In the lab we make empty cages, load them with therapeutic cargo (proteins or drugs) 和 then target them towards the diseased cells,” Dr Care says.

Each ‘cage’ is about 25nm in diameter, perfectly round 和 uniform sized和 releasing its cargo is as simple as flicking a switch – well almost.



“Using the light allows the researchers to track its progress和 localise the delivery of the drug in the right place 和 at the right time,” Dr Care says.

Broad application



“All going well these biological nanoparticles will be a customisable platform for the delivery of different drugs to target a huge range of issues, from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases,” he says.


Switched on to learning - February 2018


But what makes a good learner? Cognitive scientist Dr Nicholas Badcock is aiming to find out as part of his new prestigious Macquarie University Co-Funded Fellowship, which will combine state of the art neuroimaging technology with innovative research methodologies. He will work in collaboration with fellow cognitive scientists, Mr Nikolas WilliamsProf Genevieve McArthur.

“我感兴趣的如何进行切换 - 也就是,一个人的能力要注意,接受信息和他们的决策速度 - 像巩固学习阅读复杂的功能和影响的重要问题,”医生说badcock。



,使我们的大脑中的神经元不断射击,因为他们通过传递彼此之间微小的电信号通信。虽然信号是微小的,当许多神经元火灾同步,例如响应于声音或另一个刺激,电活动 - 这显示为振荡或波 - 可在头皮使用脑电图(EEG)测量。

Low frequency oscillations (known as alpha waves) have been associated with relaxed states of mind but also greater cognitive activity like active listening.

“Normally we look at how the brain responds to single words in a contrived setting by measuring the electrical signals that occur as words appear,” Dr Badcock says.

但是,当某人正在阅读一个段落,一切都发生得更快。在大脑的电信号是不同的 - 和更复杂 - 因为读者进行预测,并预测在句子或段落下一步怎么走。

“Signals also vary when people are listening to gibberish, compared with spoken text.”

Measuring cognitive complexity

This project will assess the relationship between these brain waves 和 educational outcomes to determine their value in predicting strong versus weak learners.




Student volunteers will also be assessed when listening to native versus non-native speech to establish EEG descriptors specific to comprehension.

Finally, students will be exposed to paragraph readings of varying complexity to explore the relationship between successful 和 less successful learners of reading whilst they read texts that vary in complexity.

Game changing technology

在过去,医学影像学级技术已经非常昂贵,限制了可以开展的研究范围。幸运的是,麦格理对这个项目的合作者是生物信息学和技术公司 Emotiv公司, whose Australian arm recently moved to Macquarie’s Innovation Hub.


“这项技术是一个改变游戏规则不仅为用户,但也认知科学家谁发现,它是几乎一样好医疗级EEG系统,其成本大约$ 100,000。游戏设备可以与孩子一起使用,包括那些有特殊需要,如自闭症,”医生说badcock。


The partnership between Emotiv公司 and Macquarie will harness the existing recognition software for cognitive 和 emotional states (currently consisting of stress, focus, excitement, relaxation, engagement和 interest)。

Dr Badcock says this will both enhance the user experience and widen EEG and neurotechnology’s application to fields including virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence development, neuromarketing, neurofeedback applications for neurological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder和 for general consumer use in optimising brain performance 和 wellness.


“Literacy is widely recognised as the road to human progress 和 to realising potential,” he says. “This research will hopefully open new avenues to helping students master the critically important life skill of reading.”

February 2018

Underst和ing the impacts of a regional ‘superpower’ – 来自 age of the pyramids - November 2017


That’s all about to change, thanks to the Department of Ancient History’s Dr Karin Sowada,谁是早期青铜时代(3100-2000年)期间,在埃及东地中海之间的相互作用方面的专家。她最近与澳大利亚研究理事会未来奖学金的认可,并且将领导该项目的金字塔,权力和国家在危机中的动态“。

“Traditionally, archaeology in the Middle East tends to be segmented 和 specialised, with researchers focused on their own patch,” Dr Sowada says, adding “it can be hard to lift above the geographic parameters in which you work to link archaeological results in a coherent way.”



Dr Sowada says climate variation had a significant impact on the functioning of the Egyptian state.


“Knowing how Egypt dealt with this stress during the period when the pharaonic state reached its developed form, will help increase understanding of the role of politics, climate change, trade 和 the movement of people across a wide geographic area over a long chronological range.

“It will also help us underst和 the ‘big E’ environment in which the Egyptian state operated和 what impact its engagement had on the rest of the 黎凡特.

博士sowada自己的背景已经不同 - 她在政治,公共政策和考古工作过,同时持有几个慈善机构的领导职务。在90年代初,她有新的突破作为最年轻的女联邦参议员。她的政治经验,其次是近十年的工作作为尼科尔森博物馆,她在其收藏埃及文物进行了广泛的研究,以及参加在澳大利亚,埃及和约旦的考古发掘工作时对她在埃及考古学博士学位的助理馆长2002年。

Her PhD thesis was a foundational study on Egypt’s foreign relations in the third millennium BC 和 has formed the basis of the Future Fellowship work.


“Take China’s One Belt, One Road initiative [which will see it renew the old Silk Road trading route over land和 develop maritime routes that connect southern China to South-East Asia and the east coast of Africa to advance its strategic 和 trade interests].



November 2017

New National Centre of Research Excellence in Digital Health 研究 - October 2017

The Centre for 研究 Excellence (CRE) in Digital Health will be led by Professor Enrico Coiera 在卫生创新澳大利亚学院。它汇集了首次所有健康信息研究的澳大利亚主要的学术中心,与澳大利亚新数字医疗机构的支持和健康信息的澳大利亚大学。华创的其他成员包括邦德大学,南澳大学,澳大利亚CSIRO电子健康研究中心,悉尼大学,墨尔本大学和新南威尔士大学。

“数字健康是正确视为提高医疗质量,安全性和有效性的重要工具。这样做,但是需要有坚实的研究基础,以帮助了解如何进行更改的复杂系统,是医疗保健”之称的教授coiera。 “通过这个中心的卓越,研究人员和一线服务供应商将解决阻碍对医生和消费者的真正安全,高效和有效的数字健康服务的创建根本性的挑战。如果澳大利亚的卫生系统是从这个数字革命的好处,我们需要的不仅仅是技术,更。我们迫切需要的证据,技能和劳动力这些进步转化为有效的工作健康服务”。

The CRE has a number of programs that it will support over its five years of operation, covering both research and support for policy development 和 training:

  1. 与健康信息(ACHI)的澳大利亚大学工作,华创将创建卫生信息新的奖学金计划,以帮助建立数字健康研究的迫切需要国家的能力,以满足迅速增长的国家卫生服务需求。在为期四年的研究奖学金有两个组成部分 - 健康信息为期三年的博士课程和工作实习的一年的计划。在训练结束后,考生将被授予博士学位和ACHI奖学金。这将是第一个途径ACHI的奖学金,涉及正式的培训计划的完成。奖学金目前基于长度和过去的体验质量仅授予。澳大利亚数字医疗机构一直支持奖学金建议,将首次组织支付构成培训计划的一部分工作实习提供奖学金的学员当中。已经在承担安置奖学金学员表示有兴趣合作的机构包括领先的数字医疗软件公司,州政府电子医疗机构,以及诸如大医院公共部门的卫生服务提供者。
  2. 快速响应功能。使循证决策是决策者,卫生服务和行业谁经常在紧迫的时间运行,并可能无法获得的研究文献或设立有效地分析它的一大挑战。许多问题还测试研究文献的边界。华创将在保持中立和独立的地位,同时还能满足关键机构的需求,如澳大利亚数字医疗机构进行回答迅速文献综述,从社会的关键问题,重点。
  3. 研究计划:鉴于许多障碍,成功的谎言少在新技术的设计,更在其翻译成工作系统,华创将特别针对的是存在于我们的理解主要证据差距如何成功实施和监测数字医疗。澳大利亚研究人员分别处于前列康和生物医学信息学研究国际。通过CRE,我们会走到一起,提供一个综合研究项目时,翻译成现实世界的设置来理解所面临的数字化健康干预措施的实施挑战。它会通过翻译这些见解改善数字医疗设计,实现性能和监视,为国家数字卫生政策和实践的重要贡献。

研究 will focus on three streams of work:

  1. Safety and quality of digital health systems: To reduce the risk of 患者 harms from IT, the CRE will fund the development, evaluation and support of an automated IT critical incident database, which will extract and collate reports from national and international incident report databases. CRE investigators will disseminate critical IT alerts in response to significant new risks identified in the reports. Additionally, the CRE will conduct research into automated surveillance methods to detect clinically significant problems associated with the safety and quality of IT, suitable for use in large health service organisations such as hospitals and general practice networks. Working with clinicians 和 clinical informatics professionals, we will also trial dashboards for IT surveillance systems to provide early warning of events such as downtimes.
  2. 先进的临床分析:华创会进行一个研究项目,以帮助在决策支持技术的下一代付诸实践,以支持更好,更安全,临床和人口决策。它将承担国际创新研究计划,以评估数据和文本分析的决策支持工具的影响,如仪表板的临床和公共卫生决策。工作的重点将是确定哪些临床决策最需要的决策支持,这种决策支持装配到临床工作流程,并设计和实施过程中的这些新工具的制定如何。
  3. 消费数码健康:华创会与消费者,系统设计人员和服务供应商合作,以非常新颖的和急需的研究进行到导致成功实施的消费数码卫生工具的因素。它会学习和使用方面的成果和消费者的应用程序,用户的不同特征之间的关系。它将寻求发展为消费者的应用程序以及它们所嵌入的医疗卫生服务的设计,以证据为基础的准则。

October 2017

卓越中心研究落实科学肿瘤学资助的研究转化为改善病人护理服务 - 2017年10月

The Centre for 研究 Excellence in Implementation 科学 in Oncology (CRE-ISO), led by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite,已被授予NHMRC $ 2.5百万开发用于癌症患者带来了新的证据为基础的治疗。



Participating institutions include the Cancer Institute (NSW), South Eastern Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts, Macquarie University, the University of Adelaide, University of Queensland 和 the Sansom Institute for Health 研究. New practices generated by the CRE will be tested in the local health districts, which have some of the largest populations of cancer 患者s in Australia.


CRE-ISO is built on internationally-regarded investigators from across Australia who are well established as a strong multi-disciplinary team. It adds considerable capacity in research training 和 in collaborations that will increase evidence-based practice in cancer care.

CRE-ISO’s planned activities include:

  • analysing network behaviours 和 characteristics in two cancer delivery hubs in New South Wales;
    assessing barriers to 和 facilitators of implementation;
  • assessing the further potential of eviq, a world-regarded web-based platform for delivering evidence based care;
  • 招收和发展的研究人员,政策制定者,指导者和意见领袖,以加强证据卷取速度;
  • 运行研究,以证明基于多学科团队护理新车型的疗效;和
  • 开展与国际伙伴的研究,以加强对消费者的基础和消费为主导的癌症治疗。

October 2017

Partnership Projects success for the Centre for Health Systems 和 Safety 研究 - October 2017


The Centre, led by Professor Johanna Westbrook,是国际上公认对他们的工作。他们的研究是与其他国际研究小组竞争激烈,自己的研究计划的特点是从广泛的学科,卫生工作者,政府官员,政策制定者和信息系统的行业领导者的国家和国际学术界的大力参与。

卫生部长和体育部长的提问。格雷格狩猎MP,宣布授予中心的两个国家卫生和医学研究委员会(NHMRC)合作项目资助。合作项目赠款超过$ 4百万是现金从NHMRC和合作组织都总数。合作伙伴也贡献了实物捐助,另外110万$。

The first NHMRC Partnership Project Grant is led by Professor Johanna Westbrook.



Addressing unprofessional behaviours in healthcare is a national issue and has been set as a priority by governments, the Australian Medical Association和 Colleges。该 levels of concern resulted in the establishment of a Senate inquiry in 2016. Given its ubiquity, there is a pressing need for evidence-based interventions to reduce its impact on staff and 患者s 和 normalise a culture of safety.

The NHMRC Partnership Grant in partnership with St Vincent’s Health Australia will assess the effectiveness of the Ethos program, an innovative approach to address unprofessional behaviours. The Ethos program is a structured staff behaviour and accountability intervention designed to improve staff safety, patient outcomes and experience和 hospital culture. Ethos involves a process of early, non-punitive and tiered interventions。该 project will assess the effectiveness of the program to reduce unprofessional behaviours 和 improve 患者 safety.

The second NHMRC Partnership Project Grant is led by Dr Melissa Baysari.

Optimising computerised decision support to transform medication safety 和 reduce prescriber burden

药物 - 药物相互作用时两种或多种药物以这样的方式彼此交互,所述有效性或一个或更多的毒性药物的改变发生(DDI)的错误。 DDIS可导致不利的效果(例如出血),并导致治疗失败。的处方用于患者的药物的数量和DDI误差的概率之间存在密切的关系。医院给患者开处方平均12种药物,使得它极有可能会发生DDI错误。

尽管还缺乏有效性的有力的证据,大量资源继续致力于实现在电子医疗管理(EMM)系统,临床医生,以减少DDI的错误决策支持。这个决策支持包括电脑警报,这是在处方警告有关病人的医嘱潜在的相互作用医生的点生成。虽然电脑提醒声音原则上承诺,在现实中开处方往往轰炸大量的警报。其后果是警报疲劳,让使用者不堪重负,并退敏将警报呈现,以至于警报被忽略。 DDI的警报在EMM系统包含可能导致一天有数百DDI警报呈现处方。

prescribing decisions for hundreds of thousands of 患者s 和 their providers.

October 2017

MQ-Biotext partnership: Rich with opportunities - October 2017

A dynamic partnership between Macquarie University’s Department of Linguistics 和 the Canberra-based publishing company Biotext is being forged as the foundation for a multifaceted initiative in commercial, research 和 training activities, focusing especially on style 和 accessible communication.

The commercial component begins with the transfer to Macquarie University of a well-developed online style manual for scientific writers 和 editors, called the Australian Manual of Scientific Style (amoss)。在350页的在线手册用过去三年开发的biotext科学真实训练有素的工作人员,为首 Dr Richard Stanford。通过与biotext协议,威尼斯棋牌将成为amoss的共同发行,并在其进一步发展合作;一种努力,将通过领导 Emeritus Professor Pam Peters。该 revenue from individual and institutional subscriptions to AMOSS will be shared, in line with the volume of existing 和 new material created.

在amoss协会,一个新的多用途平台将通过对威尼斯棋牌访问麦格理设计,被称为 Australian Style Hub. As its name suggests, it will support multiple products relating to both general 和 specialist written styles, so as to become the first port-of-call for those nitty-gritty issues of language。该 Australian Style 通讯将再次通过它访问,为全澳目前的使用情况交换研究和观察,并进行语言调查的车辆。该 Australian Style Hub opens a fresh chapter in Macquarie University’s long involvement in references on Australian language 和 style -- in dictionary-making with the Macquarie Dictionary和 contributions to the last three editions of the Australian Government Style Manual。该 Australian Style Hub will also support the multilingual online termbanks (termfinder™) developed by Macquarie Linguistics staff to provide accessible information on specialised terminology for the general public, including terms in family law (LawTermFinder) and in cancer medicine 和 health care (HealthTermFinder)。

When it comes to making recommendations on style, usage and accessibility, Biotext 和 Macquarie University both take seriously the need for empirical research. A series of experimental studies is being undertaken by Professor Jan-Louis Kruger,语言学的部门主管,麦格理,建立了不同层次的无障碍参与在线网站获取信息,把肉体上的网页易读的现有标准的骨头。媒体访问澳大利亚将在此进一步合作,以确保这些残疾人的需求被容纳在经验增强方法的信息设计。这项研究结果将发表被合成的进一步产品 Australian Style Hub。该y will also inform Macquarie’s own training courses in accessible communication 和 external workshops, as well as webinars to be accessed through the Australian Style Hub.

October 2017

World first MS biomarker discovery lead by our researchers - 2017年7月

Tiny changes, huge repercussions

For neuroscientist Professor Gilles Guillemin中,确定脑内特定的化学途径的微小变化是关键解锁神经变性疾病如多发性硬化(MS),阿尔茨海默氏病和肌萎缩性侧索硬化症(ALS),也被称为运动神经元疾病(MND)或葛雷克氏中的进展美国。


Guillemin, who has been working in the field of Neuroimmunology for more than 24 years and in the field of tryptophan metabolism for 20 years, has shown through research that the tryp最佳han pathway is integral in many neurodegenerative diseases.  These results have been particularly useful in the advancement of disease biomarkers, including the development of the first prognosis biomarker for MS which Guillemin 和 Dr Edwin (Chai) Lim recently announced in a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“We have developed a biomarker test which will allow clinicians to determine which type of MS a patient has with 85-91 per cent accuracy, negating the need for patients to have to undergo an array of expensive tests to get the same answer,” he explains. “The new results show that a blood test could greatly simplify and speed up this process, which is significant for 患者s because it will allow their clinicians to quickly and simply make a prognosis and adapt their MS treatment more accurately 和 rapidly.”



Mentoring a bright young star


Working within the Guillemin laboratory, Lim is aiming to generate large amounts of clinical data for the biochemical pathway that uses tryp最佳han, called the kynurenine pathway, for various diseases.

“This will allow us to perform a disease wide analysis to fully delineate the role of the tryp最佳han processing pathway in a number of brain conditions,” says Lim.  


Collaborate to completion


“We are now in the process of developing a new MS prognostic kit in collaboration with Dr Alban Bessede’s laboratory in France. To do this, we needed to develop specific and sensitive set of antibodies that are able to detect the small molecules identified as biomarkers,” Guillemin explains. “This is extremely challenging 和 only a few companies in the world have this expertise, ImmuSmol being one of them.”

在过去的18个月中,研究人员一直在开发一个商业检测试剂盒,与之相配套的澳大利亚公司MS电梯厂pty的。 LTD。,他们的目标是在两年内提供给澳大利亚病理诊所,并提供给病理实验室后不久全世界。

A simple test


“这具有明显的能力,成为有史以来第一个血液生物标志物MS的预后,并且在此过程中会遇到的在MS的临床管理的实际未满足的需求之一,说:”博士马修英里,MS的CEO研究澳大利亚。 “我们已经高兴能成为这个最初的基础研究翻译成一个潜在的临床试验的一部分。”


“The results of the recent research identify biomarker components that could be potential therapeutic targets for MS 和 could also be used to assess the response of new drugs for the treatment of MS in clinical trials. Future research will need to look at ways to rectify the abnormal levels of these components in MS patients in order to potentially delay or halt progression of a 患者’s condition,” concludes Guillemin.


Mind mapping - 2017年6月

For entomologist Associate Professor Andrew Barron,他的研究圣杯找出什么虫子想 - 然后创建一个显示的那些想法通道,因为他们在神经电路引发神经生物学模型。

“I don’t believe that consciousness is outside the capacity of neuroscientific examination,” he says.


“Although their brains are minute, bees exhibit astonishingly complex behaviour,” he explains. “This means when it comes to understanding what drives animal behaviour, insects 和 bees have a real advantage over other animals."


超过15年后,巴伦和罗宾逊继续合作,最近发表的一篇文章 科学 这表明,本能的行为 - 比如蜜蜂如何在自己的环境中进行通信的食物源的位置用动作和声音他们的殖民地固有的知识 - 可以从学习的过程演变,直到他们最终成为硬连线到DNA。

They showed that both learning and instinctive behaviours are regulated by the same cellular 和 molecular mechanisms, adding to the growing body of research in the exciting new field known as epigenetics和 proposed the first general model of how instincts can evolve.

From mentee to mentor


“This is a competitive award 和 the students who get through are exceptional,” Barron says. “Brian was a highly motivated, dynamic character who took advantage of any opportunity to increase his skills, becoming involved in everything that was happening in the lab.

“As a result of his enthusiasm和 the work he undertook while he was at Macquarie, he contributed to three papers that are yet to be published.


Stimulating research




而很多巴伦的工作重点是创造蜜蜂大脑的功能模型,他还写了 性质 有关媒体的影响sensationalisation的研究对动物的性行为,特别是当它涉及到同性动物之间的关系。

Making stressed colonies resilient

A不her research avenue Barron is focusing on is the survival of bee populations worldwide, which have been decimated by Colony Collapse Disorder – a phenomenon in which entire bee colonies suddenly disappear without trace.



Modelling showed it doesn’t take much to tip the balance from a healthy, productive hive to one in mortal decline: decreased food for the colony 和 increased forager mortality led to rapid colony collapse.

But the news wasn’t all bad, with the researchers suggesting that by simply supplementary feeding hives during times of stress could help stave off colony collapse.


It all comes back to the brain



“The small size of the bee brain constrains the model, meaning that only so many connections between neurons (for processing information about place, smell 和 colour) are possible. Once we know how they connect we can create a proper circuit model,” he says.



Applications for 2018 Fulbright Scholarships are currently open 和 will close 1 2017年8月.


Philanthropic grant success: Pocket Rockets - 2017年可能

遇到 Dr Carol Newall from the Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Human 科学s (this is 不 her pictured!)。 She is a tenacious go-getter and an impressive academic. Dr Newall understands what philanthropic foundations want 来自ir granting: in-depth engagement 和 clear demonstration on how their funding will change the world for the better. She has been successful in receiving grants from many different avenues.

In 2015, Dr Newall defied the odds 和 secured funding 来自 Ian Potter Foundation澳大利亚最大的私人基金会,谁支持多种领域,包括艺术,社会福利,教育,除其他环境中的一个(上一财政年度,他们给出了3600多$ 267个项目)。在2015/16赛季,只有10%的在他们的教育流的应用是成功的,所以医生纽沃尔是一个久经考验的超级巨星。资金是一个小规模的试点方案 Pocket Rockets,为孩子的创新工场干4〜6年,合作与凯特博士在海菲尔德斯威本科技大学。

With the help of the Office of Advancement, Dr Newall has successfully managed the relationship with the funder, including:

  • Managing the funds so well that she was able to undertake 2 extra free workshops for children in remote areas (above 和 beyond what the Foundation expected)
  • 沿着该研讨会邀请了基础,并确保他们一直保持最新酌情


我们也已经能够利用医生纽沃尔的程序。通过推进办公室联系,我们都遇到的头 St George Foundation (该银行的慈善机构),并获得了他们的第一次捐赠给澳大利亚的大学。这是闻所未闻的!


For more information on philanthropic foundations, please contact Caitlin Crockford 来自 Office of Advancement.


Faculty of Arts working with Optus for positive social impact through technology - 2017年4月

Dr Rowan Tulloch 从媒体,音乐,通信和文化研究部门是由他的音调“游戏改变” Optus的未来决策者的资助。

The inaugural Optus Future Makers program fosters digital innovation that will impact how we socially engage. A tense pitching process to a panel of experts by eleven emerging digital influencers took place in front of an audience at the Optus Campus in Sydney.

The innovators had just 180 seconds each (with no 不es or power point slides) to secure their share of the $300,000 funding pot 和 six walked away with enough financial backing to bring their ideas to life.

花楸赢得了$ 50,000的帮助使他的创新理念变成现实。罗云表示:“这是迄今为止我的学术安乐窝,但一定进展顺利,因为他们资助我的全部金额。”游戏的变化是软件,可以帮助大学和学校教师游戏化课堂,以更好地吸引和激励学生。该软件还旨在帮助谁是传统的教学实践边缘化的学生。通过未来的制造商计划,罗文发现他的合作者,顿悟游戏,已经能够扩大范围和提高他的原提案的时间表,并希望把游戏更改应用到市场。


“I think the main thing that gamification can give us as teachers is the possibility to open up a dialogue with students 和 to help guide them into the practices that we take for granted,” Rowan says.

For further details from Rowan himself, listen to the PioneeringMinds podcast.


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